South Africans are known to be driven, energetic and hard workers.  We have creative solutions to problems and are known not to give up.  We are friendly, get along with all types of people and a pleasure to work with.

South African workers are well trained and have an exceptional amount of experience to offer.

The employment climate in South Africa has changed with affirmative action leaving many very qualified and experienced South Africans without decent job opportunities.  It is no longer about the best qualified and experienced person for the job, you only need to meet the minimum requirements if you have affirmative action on your side.  Most of the positions advertised in South Africa come with an AA tag, that means do not even apply.

If your company needs qualified and experienced candidates that have a can-do attitude and keep going until the job is done we have something in common.  All the candidates on this site are well qualified, very experienced and have a need to add real value to a company that will appreciate us.  Our entrepreneurial spirit will amaze you, we are very proud of our work and take responsibilities very seriously.

Finding a suitable position overseas is very difficult as many companies can not sponsor work visas, if your company is privileged enough to sponsor work visas we ask that you consider investing in one of us.